Quooker, the tap that does it all

Aquateam Balear presents Quooker: 100°C boiling, hot, cold and sparkling water, all filtered, from the comfort of your kitchen.

The Quooker system brings well-being to your kitchen. More than a million customers around the world enjoy the convenience of boiling and filtering water directly from the tap, saving time, energy, water and space, so they can forget about buying bottled water. We bring the Quooker system to Mallorca, we install it for you, and we give you all the information.

What does the Quooker tap offer?

The water in a Quooker system is heated to 108°C to kill bacteria and is filtered through a special activated carbon filter and a hollow fiber filter that eliminate sediment, chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and other contaminants which can have a negative impact on drinking water. This ensures that the water supplied by the Quooker, which can be cold, still and sparkling, is always clean and fresh. Discover its many advantages:


A Quooker is pure comfort. The water comes out boiling instantly so you don't have to wait for it. Making a cup of tea or al dente pasta, boiling fish or sterilizing baby bottles is now much easier.

Chilled and sparkling water

The CUBE supplies chilled and sparkling water to the Quooker tap, meaning you no longer have to buy mineral water in plastic bottles. You can connect a CO2 cylinder to the CUBE to also obtain sparkling water from the Quooker tap.


It is impossible to activate the boiling water supply by accident. It requires double pressing and activating a discreet ring mechanism that is completely separate from the conventional hot and cold water handle. Last but not least, it is impossible to accidentally knock, knock over or 'spill' a Quooker as you might with a kettle or pot of boiling water.

Taps that do not burn

They have a double-insulated spout, so they are cool to the touch, unlike conventional kettles. In addition, the water is injected with air, so that a stream is produced that is not solid and that prevents accidental burns.

Time saving

A Quooker allows you to save valuable time since the water comes to a boil instantly, and you always have excellent quality filtered drinking water (even chilled with and without gas), so you don't have to bother buying mineral water in bottles or in organizing your home delivery.

A story that begins in the 70s

From an instant soup to an international patent

The history of Quooker has its roots in 1970. Dutchman Henri Peteri attended a presentation in London on instant soup, in which they showed how to dissolve soup in boiling water in just five seconds. This gave him the idea that would be the germ of Quooker: "Why can't we dispense boiling water directly from the taps in our homes?".

Following this idea, Peteri developed a prototype of the world's first boiling water tap. Today, Quooker is present in more than 15 countries, has more than 40 patents and is developed and produced internally.

ISO14046 Certification: Water Footprint

With a Quooker system it is impossible to accidentally dispense boiling water. The mechanism to turn it on is completely separate from the normal hot/cold water mixing mechanism. In addition, air is injected so that the jet at the outlet of the tap is aerated, ensuring that no accidental burns may occur.

Additionally, Quooker taps have a double-insulated spout and, are therefor always cool and safe to the touch.

Energy sustainability

Quooker is extremely energy efficient: consuming only 10 watts in standby mode. This efficiency has allowed Quooker to receive the best possible energy assessment in Europe (A). In addition, the on-demand boiling water supply makes it possible to always use the exact amount of water with a Quooker. that is needed, avoiding waste, and the water filter eliminates plastic bottles.


A Quooker is the most efficient system for generating hot water for the kitchen, reducing energy consumption compared to most conventional systems.

It will only take up a small space under the sink. A Quooker is the most efficient system for generating hot water for the kitchen, reducing energy consumption compared to conventional systems.

The Quooker system consists of a small tank located in the kitchen cabinet that is connected to the boiling water tap on the counter. The tank acts as a thermos connected to the water supply network. The air in the insulated wall is so thin that heat cannot escape. Very little power is needed (only 10 watts) to keep the water in the tank at 108°C. The water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and the temperature of the water coming out drops to 100°C. As water comes out of the tap, new water immediately enters the tank.

Of course, at Aquateam Balear we have official Quooker accessories, such as the Scale Control R, which prevents limescale, extending the life of the tank; the power outlet, which prevents electrical overload; or the drip tray, perfect for collecting drips when you don't have a sink.

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