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When the solution comes via Aquateam Balear, there are many advantages: higher quality, better performance, increased profitability.

In many


These are some of the sectors where it is necessary to apply water treatment to obtain important savings and optimise the performance of machinery.




Personal hygiene, hair, cooking, ice, pipes and appliances, everything inside the house that comes into contact with high-quality water, will give a completely different result.


Protection and cost reduction in steam boilers, special laundry, protection of equipment, production of electronic components, solutions for photography and in general in any situation where pure water is required.


Incrustations are eliminated in cooking equipment, steam ovens, coffee makers, dishwashers and other equipment. The ice produced in the restaurant will be crystal clear. The infusions and cooked foods will have their true flavour.

Carwashes and vehicles

Incrustation problems in equipment and piping are eliminated. The osmosed water reduces the consumption of detergents and gives a shiny finish without the need for drying and stains will not form when the vehicle dries.


The equipment can produce water of the highest quality for consumption in the entire hotel complex, whether from low-quality mains water, brackish water wells or the sea.

Water and alcohol bottling plants

Reverse osmosis improves the quality of water that is not previously recommended for human consumption or produces water of excellent quality from salty or polluted water.

Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies

Protection of pipes and medical equipment of any kind that use water. In hemodialysis, reverse osmosis is the most widely used system today. Production of pure water for laboratory use and for medicinal solutions. Reverse osmosis is also the preliminary treatment for when you want to completely demineralise the water.


Reduction in the consumption of detergents and chemical products. The smooth finish of the fabrics allows them to last much longer. In the hotel and catering industry, this longer duration allows for a radical reduction in linen replacements.

Plant nurseries, garden and agricultural centres

The versatility of the water treatment equipment allows to produce the quality of water needed for each crop or ornamental plant, allowing production at any time of the year and with the minimum cost.

Printing processes

Protection of equipment, constant colour results and absence of blemishes in the finished product.

Aquaria and fish farms

The equipment can produce the type of water with the right characteristics, eliminating undesirable contamination.

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" Rapid response.... do you parachute the technicians in or what?!"
Restaurant in Pto.Alcudia

"The water equipment is the best thing you've installed, second only to the washing machines."
Restaurant in Manacor

"The ice is completely clear and the drink looks bigger."
Pub in Magalluf

"I don't go through the glasses when they come out of the dishwasher anymore and I don’t have striped glasses either."
Restaurant in Ariany

"Since I installed the decalcifier, my skin isn't itchy anymore and I don't use cream after a shower."
Private client

"I didn't realise how convenient it was not to have to worry about buying and, above all, carrying bottles of water."
Private client